Ergonomic Design

The i-eX gaming chair – the most comfortable gaming chair known to man.  The construction of this gaming chair is seconded by no other in terms of size, looks and comfort.  Not only this, but it also filled with bean bag beans and foam making it a giant gaming bean bag!  It can be yours exclusively from Bean Bag Bazaar – bring it home by buying HERE!

The i-ex gaming chair has a colossal bucket shaped seat which will engulf the user.  The seat is structured with foam to allow the user to sink with comfort, as well as being filled with bean bag beans.  This creates a pleasurable seat for the user meaning they can sit for hours on their console without feeling the effects of a hard, plastic gaming chair – no more numb bum!

When you sit in the i-eX gaming chair the beans are fired into the sides of the chair and the back, forming huge arm rests and a luxurious head rest that will keep you gaming for hours at a time!  This makes it great for gamers who often get aches and pains after a long session as it will keep you feeling comfortable meaning you can concentrate more on the game!

The look of this gaming chair is fantastic, your partner or parents won’t mind having it in the living room as it is stylish and fits in with other living room furniture, unlike most gaming chairs!  Its main body is made up of black faux leather which is durable and wipe clean for any spillages that may happen.  It is has a choice of green or silver piping around the edges that match the major games consoles so you can have a gaming chair to match!

The bean bag is structured with multiple layers of foam to keep it upright, plus it has a huge base that will keep you sturdy throughout an entire game campaign!  Being filled with beans, this gaming bean bag will mould to your body shape and keep you comfortable through that final level!

It also has the i-eX label emblazoned on the front so that it sits between your legs when you are sitting on the gaming chair.  This gives it the designer look and feel making this gaming chair a must have accessory for anyone who wants to play hours of games without getting that horrible numb bum feeling!

Compare it to other gaming chairs the i-eX is clearly the biggest standing at over 1 metre tall!  Just check out how it compares to other popular gaming chairs on the market.

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