About the i-eX Gaming Chair

Take on the ultimate gaming experience with the new i-eX gaming chair, where design delivers a steaming plate of no-nonsense style and comfort.

The i-eX gaming chair is the biggest, meanest and possibly even sexiest video game chair you’ll ever own.

It is a huge man-sized chunk of gaming comfort and has the ultimate in ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship to keep you comfortable through hours of gaming sessions without even realising it.  Here are a few points in the i-eX gaming chairs phenomenal design that prove it is the perfect gaming chair for those hardcore gamers:

  • Deep bucket seat to sink into
  • Huge arm rests to keep your arms steady
  • Enormous back and head rest for relaxing
  • Filling of beans mould to your body when you sit down
  • Great looking faux leather exterior with coloured piping

This is one of the largest gaming chairs on the market and by far the comfiest.  Don’t settle for second best or you won’t be coming first in the leader boards without your i-eX gaming chair.  It is the last gaming chair you will ever own – yes FINALLY you can put away your rickety computer chair or worn out plastic rocker.

Here the team at The Bazaar Group have created the i-eX video game chair with one eye on design and the other on our warehouse team who keep trying to sneak one out the door.

But seriously, we have funnelled all of our design expertise into creating our new i-eX video game chair (there was testing, LOTS of testing!) so it has a number of cool features that make this the ideal gaming chair. It has been ergonomically tested to make sure it moves with you while you submerse yourself in the world of gaming and styled to make the i-eX look like the super-cool chair that it is.  The i-eX Gaming Chair is so comfortable that you can play on it for 24 hours or more, just check out this guy:

Based just outside of Newcastle, the Bazaar Group is the leading designer and manufacturer of bean bags in the UK.  We know our stuff.